Judge Training Process

We are excited to hear interest in IJRU judge and clinician training. Here we’d like to provide some guidance and details for those interested in attending training and for groups hosting training. Please share feedback as we’re looking to constantly improve. 

The rules are currently in development and hopefully you are seeing updates here as the Technical Congress publishes information and collects feedback. This process will continue through June. In July at the first IJRU Annual General Meeting (AGM), the rules will be put up to a final vote. At the same time, IJRU will hold the first judge clinician (judge trainer) and judge training. There cannot be IJRU-sanctioned judge training before this event as the rules and materials will not be ready.  

The Tech Congress is building a working group to build the judge training materials. We are looking for experienced judge trainers from around the world drawing from both incoming organizations (FISAC-IRSF and WJRF). Please submit nominations here. (Please feel free to nominate yourself.) 

We are working on a process for approving, staffing, promoting and tracking IJRU judge training. If you are already planning IJRU judge training at your event or with your group and your country is a member of IJRU, please work with your country membership. Otherwise please email info@ijru.org with the details of your event. To be certified, all IJRU judge training events must be sanctioned and approved by the IRJU. Prior approval is required in advance to use IJRU’s name in promoting any event (judge training, competition or otherwise). We do this to set standards on quality and to ensure that the event is consistent with IJRU’s core values.  

Communication Update

We are excited to launch the IJRU blog. This will be a space for us to communicate news and updates to the global community. Membership in the IJRU is reserved for National Governing Bodies (NGBs). As a result, some information will be sent directly to your country’s NGB. That being said, we recognize that many athletes, coaches, judges, volunteers, and administrators in our sport want to stay informed about the IJRU.

Communication strategy

Our communication strategy will provide regular public updates, to all individuals in our sport. Here, you will learn about upcoming IJRU sanctioned events, news stories, call for volunteers, and important IJRU deadlines and reminders.

Our public communication strategy will focus on 4 important channels of communication:

  • Email

  • Website updates

  • Blog posts

  • Social media posts

Give us your feedback

On our blog, we will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. We are going through a large structural change in our sport and we have heard from many individuals that they feel left out of the process and don’t know how to offer their input. By creating this blog, we hope to encourage the development of a healthy dialogue and a space for our community to learn and share ideas.

Updated constitution

We listened to your feedback and have made some changes to our constitution. Please review an updated version of the constitution here.

IJRU becomes a member of TAFISA

Membership in The Association of International Sport for All (TAFISA) will help promote the sport of Jump Rope/Rope Skipping and provides us with access to a diverse network of international sporting organizations, exciting events and informative workshops.

TAFISA works to raise awareness around the benefits of Sports for All and physical activity.

Join our email list

Would you like to receive general email communications from IJRU? Send your contact information to info@ijru.org. We are in the process of putting together a general mailing list as a way to communicate more effectively with the global community.